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National workshops – Slovakia


Workshop objectives

The workshop was aimed at introducing the project and its outputs to representatives of the Ministry of Health and other institutions involved in programming and managing ESIF linked to health as intended end-users of the outputs developed. Apart from that, the workshop was aimed at opening a discussion between various institutions about effective methods for supporting the successful implementation of health priorities under ESIF and specific roles of respective institutions in this model. At the same time, the Slovak workshop was a pilot workshop where we tested our approach to the national workshops.

Workshop content

The main issues discussed at the workshop were as follows:

  • Project outputs
  • Efficient role of national authorities in health investment under ESIF
  • ESIF investment critical success factors

Workshop participants

  • Representatives of the Ministry of Health (various departments)
  • Representatives of the Managing Authorities of the 2014-2020 Operational Programmes
    • IROP, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
    • OP Human Resources, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family
    • OP Quality of the Environment, Ministry of the Interior
  • Partners – self-governing regions
  • Members of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme Health

Workshop outcome

The main outcome of the presentation was the group activity which allowed participants to discuss activities the Ministry of Health should / could perform to support efficient health investment under ESIF. Participants also identified potential beneficiaries among the health subjects. The workshop also tested our approach, which was discussed with participants.

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