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Regional workshops - Prague

Workshop objectives

The aim of a workshop gathering representatives of various Member States was mainly to support networking and experience sharing between participating Member States and to provide participants with practical guidance on the implementation of principles and recommendations stemming from the project.

Workshop agenda

The workshop was divided into three blocks:

  • Block 1: Solution of a thematic case study
  • Block 2: Identification and prioritization of risks related to the implementation of health priorities in participating Member States
  • Block 3: Discussion about possible forms of future cooperation of Member States

Workshop participants

Six countries were invited out of which four participated – Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. Two representatives from DG Health and Food Safety also attended the workshop, mainly as observers.

Workshop outcomes

In general, participants valued the possibility to share contacts and network with other Member States. All participants were actively involved, sharing their knowledge and experience among themselves. Participants also discussed outlines of possible future cooperation between Member States.

With respect to the results of the risk assessment, participants identified the following critical risks threatening the implementation of health strategy in their countries:

  • Political instability
  • Missing, insufficient co-financing of health projects
  • Needs analysis in the strategy does not reflect the real problems of the health care sector

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