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National workshops – Portugal

Workshop objectives

The workshop was aimed at introducing the project and its outputs to representatives of the Ministry of Health and other institutions involved in programming and managing ESIF linked to health as intended end-users of the outputs developed. Apart from that, the workshop was aimed at sharing lessons learned from the implementation of health projects under EU SF from 2007-2013 and at identifying all possible health investments under Operational Programmes adopted in Portugal for 2014-2020.

Workshop content

The main issues discussed at the workshop were as follows:

  • Project outputs
  • ESIF investment critical success factors
  • Specifics of complex project management and implementation
  • Principles of effective project application assessment and relevant indicators
  • Health funding potential in the 2014-2020 programming period

Workshop participants

The audience attending the Portugal workshop was quite large and diverse. There were about 55 people, among them representatives of the Ministry of Health, representatives of Central and Regional Administrations of the Health System and representatives of the potential largest beneficiaries, such as health related bodies and institutes, and the largest hospitals in Portugal.

More specifically, the following institutions attended the workshop:

  • The Portuguese Ministry of Health (including representatives of the General Secretariat)
  • Central and Regional Administrations of the Health System
  • Government bodies and institutes that manage EU Funds
  • Other health related bodies and institutes
  • Largest hospitals in Portugal
  • Representative of DG Health and Food Safety

Workshop outcome

The main outcome of the presentation was the group activity which allowed participants to think through all possible areas of health investments and identify beneficiaries that can be supported through the individual priority axes of Operational Programmes. The presentation also addressed complex projects and indicators, topics requested by the Portuguese Ministry of Health. Participants also found useful practical examples given by the speakers which accompanied the presentation of critical success factors.

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