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Set of indicators useful for the final evaluation of actions

The “Set of indicators useful for the final evaluation of actions” provides Member States with a set of indicators to monitor their actions in health, with regard to the areas of action, which can be supported from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), and explains in brief the requirements on indicators laid down by the Regulations governing the use of ESIF.

The first part describes the indicators in the context of ESIF programming. This includes the requirements on indicators at the operational programme level: prescribed categories of indicators and common output indicators for ERDF / ESF actions.

The second part provides a set of indicators to evaluate health investment in more detail. The indicators defined in ESIF operational programmes are limited in number and monitor a general result / output in relation to the specific objective achievement. They might not therefore be sufficient to monitor changes in individual health factors. For this reason, all health investment should be further monitored and evaluated, using a detailed set of indicators capturing individual aspects of public health and health infrastructure.



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