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National workshops

The main goal of the national visits was to disseminate the project outputs and provide selected Member States with tailor-made support reflecting the situation and investment priorities in the health area in the country.

The national workshops (visits) were designed with the aim of covering a possible range of problems Member States could face with respect to the focus of this project. The presentations consisted of two parts:

  1. Main project deliverables – The topics reflected in every country covering the introduction of project outputs and discussion on success factors for effective health investments.
  2. Country-specific topics – This part varied with each presentation. The topics were originally selected based on information collected through a predesigned questionnaire filled in by representatives of the Ministry of Health of each country. In further stages, we developed a list of topics that were repeated to let the Ministries of Health directly choose issues they found relevant for their needs.

    Here you can found thecompendium of all topics covered during the national workshops.

Twelve Member States were selected after considering several criteria. The most important aspects for selection of a Member State to be involved in the dissemination phase of the project were (i) if the health sector was a priority for the implementation of ESIF in the period 2014-2020 and (ii) the planned levels of ESIF allocation for 2014-2020 per capita. We aimed at selecting the Member States that would benefit the most from the dissemination activities.

The national workshops took place in the following countries:



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