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Manual on how to plan, implement and sustain capital investment in health and health care

The purpose of the “Manual on how to plan, implement and sustain capital investment in health and health care” is to provide practical advice to local Ministries of Health in EU countries on how to establish and maintain a process of planning and funding capital investment in European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) as a regular activity integrated with the other activities of the Ministries and based on the principles of good public management. The manual is written for decision makers and people who are engaged or should be engaged in this process (especially project managers).

The first chapter of the document consists of the specifications related to strategic planning in the public sector together with a description of challenges that the Ministry of Health must face, and the range of investment possibilities that the Ministry can choose from.

The second chapter describes the context of the capital investment planning process, a step-by-step outline of how to establish and maintain it and suggestions on how to sustain the process once it is established. The chapter is designed to provide practical help in setting up the process, describes how the process needs to be positioned among other functions of Ministries of Health and provides a general overview of how the process is connected to areas of activity such as long-term planning, financial planning and budgeting.

The third chapter provides information about financial mechanisms (and their assessment) that can be used especially in the case of large investments in health and health care within ESIF.



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