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Funding of health in 2007-2013 overview

In the 2007-2013 programming period, the funding of health care and public health by the European Structural Funds was aimed mainly at the following areas of investment:

  • Infrastructure modernization, including purchase of medical equipment
  • Improved access to health care in regions (mainly modernization of regional hospitals infrastructure)
  • e-Health development
  • Medical staff and professional training (professional medical training, use of new technologies, as well as managerial skills trainings)
  • Health promotion and prevention programmes, including occupational health promotion (health and safety at work, sick leave prevention)
  • Research and development and technology innovations

The specific focus of funding differed depending on the individual situation in health systems and in Structural Funds management in the respective Member States.

There was only one country where health had its own operational programme managed directly by the Ministry of Health (Slovakia). In other Member States, health investments were financed mainly from operational programmes with a focus on regional infrastructure development, and on human resources development and employment.

The biggest amount of resources from Structural Funds allocated to health was seen in Hungary with 1.3 billion EUR, representing 5.5% of country total SF allocation. Schemes below show top five spenders in terms of amount of resources from the Structural Funds allocated to Health in 2007-2013 programming period.

More information and details can be found in the 'Tools & guidelines' section in the Mapping report. Besides an overview of health investments supported from the Structural Funds at the EU level, more details about individual Member States can be found in section Country Fact sheets.


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